Solar Photovoltaic Panel Systems – What You Need To Know

Solar Power - Greener Alternative to Fossil Fuels

Each and every day the earth receives solar energy equivalent to the electricity consumption of 5.9 billion people for approximately 27 years.

Solar energy is without doubt one of the cleanest forms of energy available and solar power is becoming increasingly popular as world prices for Fossil Fuels continue to rise. Adoption of solar power is also increasing as additional manufacturing capacity has resulted in solar pv panel prices reducing, becoming more affordable to more homes and businesses.

Solar Photovoltaic Systems – Converting Sunlight into Electricity

As the solar power technology progresses we will become less and less dependent on fossil fuels and also less affected by the impact they have on world energy prices. Solar panels represent a key factor in the world effort to combat global warming. Latest figures suggest that world output in Solar Panel manufacturing has grown at a rate of 40 - 50% per annum. Solar Panel pv systems simply convert sunlight into electricity. By installing a system of solar panels connected to your existing power supply, this electricity is fed straight into the power supply of the property.

Solar Power - Economical & Eco - Friendly Grants &Tax Free Incentives

Solar power installations save on electricity bills, as the system always uses the PV generated electricity before drawing it from your main power supplier, any excess is then automatically exported to the national grid.

However an important incentive for installing PV is government incentives in the form of payback for the power your generate. The Feed-in Tariff scheme offers a fixed rate, tax free income on all electricity your Solar Energy PV system produces.

Solar Power - Reduce Co2 & Your Carbon Footprint
On a much broader scale, solar power generation is an increasingly important contributor to fighting climate change, reducing co2 emissions and reducing your carbon footprint.

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